stagnation point

stagnation point
критическая точка

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  • Stagnation point — The stagnation point is a point on the surface of a body submerged in a fluid flow where the fluid velocity is zero. The Bernoulli equation shows that the static pressure is highest when the velocity is zero. The velocity is zero at stagnation… …   Wikipedia

  • stagnation point — noun 1. : a point on the surface of a solid body immersed in a fluid stream which directly faces the stream and at which the stream lines separate 2. : a point near the leading edge or nose of a body placed in an airstream at which the airflow… …   Useful english dictionary

  • stagnation point — The point on the leading edge of an airfoil where the airflow separates, with some going over and some under the surface of the airfoil. It is the point where the full dynamic pressure plus whatever static pressure is effective at the time will… …   Aviation dictionary

  • stagnation point —    The foremost point on a streamline dividing an area of pumping depression from a zone of influence in a tilted aquifer being pumped by a well [16] …   Lexicon of Cave and Karst Terminology

  • Stagnation temperature — is the temperature at a stagnation point in a fluid flow. At a stagnation point the speed of the fluid is zero and all of the kinetic energy has been converted to internal energy and is added to the local static enthalpy. In incompressible fluid… …   Wikipedia

  • Stagnation — may refer to one of the following *Economic stagnation, slow or no economic growth *Brezhnev Stagnation, a period of economic stagnation in Soviet Union *Stagnation in fluid dynamics, see Stagnation point *Water stagnation *Air stagnation …   Wikipedia

  • Stagnation enthalpy — or total enthalpy ( h t ) is the enthalpy of a flow at a stagnation point. It is the enthalpy a flow would possess if brought to rest (zero speed) isentropically from speed v. h t = C p T + frac{v^2}{2}where, C p = specific heat capacity at… …   Wikipedia

  • leading-edge stagnation point — That point on the leading edge of an airfoil at which the airflow actually comes to rest relative to the airfoil. At this point, the airflow divides to pass over and under the airfoil section …   Aviation dictionary

  • Stagnation pressure — In fluid dynamics, stagnation pressure is the pressure at a stagnation point in a fluid flow, where the kinetic energy is converted into pressure energy. It is the sum of the dynamic pressure and static pressure at the stagnation point. [… …   Wikipedia

  • stagnation temperature — The temperature at the stagnation point, which is a result of the friction or compression of airflow at that point. See stagnation point …   Aviation dictionary

  • stagnation pressure — The pressure at the stagnation point. It is the same as the total head or pitot pressure (i.e., the sum of the local atmospheric pressure and the dynamic pressure) …   Aviation dictionary

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